Cultural Tour Consultants

Essence of Joy Tour

This was the best tour ever! Cultural Tour Consultants was so helpful and all the details were taken care of. I highly recommend this tour!

Peru – a most inviting music tour destination!

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Europe has for many years been the most popular destination for CTC tours. Recently, we have remarked upon an increasing interest among clients to discover new places. Hence, my recent trip to Peru. Those of us who enjoy travel will find virtually any place in the world to be...

Group Travel Insurance

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Unexpected accidents and illnesses happen.  Travel insurance can offer peace of mind and help reduce costs if you are forced to cancel your trip, lose your luggage, or become ill while traveling. We highly recommend that you investigate purchasing travel insurance to protect your...
Lehner Bellagio, Italy

Rob Lehner leads a wine tour of Italy in October 2017

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October 12-20, 2017, Chicago sommelier Rob Lehner will lead you through a casual discovery of wine, food, culture and fun in Italy.  For 9 days you’ll taste some of the world’s greatest wines, sample traditional foods, hunt for truffles, discover authentic towns and...
Travel Documents

All You Need To Know About Travel Documents

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It’s very important that all travelers have the appropriate and correct documents for travel outside of the United States. We’ve outlined below what you need and how to get it. Passports and Visas Passports: Every citizen of the United States is required to have a...

Wine and Truffles in Piedmont, Italy

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It’s always been on my bucket list, to hunt the elusive White Truffle around Alba, in the region of Piedmont, Italy!  Piedmont, in north western Italy, is a spectacular location in any season, but truffle season is a feast for the senses.  Known for its production of some...

Understanding Group Flights

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When a group flight booking is made, it is different from individual reservations. When we sign a contract with an airline group department, we must adhere to their rules and regulations regarding that contract. Sometimes the rules seem odd, even to us, but that’s how it...

Melissa attends IWINETC 2016

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It’s true, someone has to do it, and it was my professional responsibility to attend the International Wine Tourism Conference (IWINETC) and familiarization tour in Catalonia, Spain last week!  Seriously, the IWINETC was a fantastic opportunity to taste wines from around Europe,...

Favorite destination 2016 – Iceland!

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I admit, I would much rather travel, pretty much anywhere, off season, but Iceland……in February? Iceland has been on my bucket list for many years. February is not necessarily the month that I would choose for a trip to the land of fire and ice, but I am so glad that it happened...

Melissa’s visit to Italy

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I have recently returned from a great trip to Italy where I attended the BIT travel show in Milan and visited many old and new friends and suppliers in route to Venice. Each time I’m there, I’m reminded why Italy is the most requested tour destination! The landscape, culture,...